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What Makes This Missions Podcast Unlike Any Other

Oct 6, 2022



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This week, we at “Modern Day Missions”, launched a brand new podcast by missionaries, for missionaries

Join Marvin Slaton II, Executive Director at “Modern Day Missions“, and missionary Stephanie Leigh Gutierrez, as they discuss what’s coming in this exciting first season, with topics generated by YOU, the missionary! Join us for interviews with missions leaders, where we’ll be exploring faith (having a vibrant relationship with God, freedom (soul care, emotional and mental health, self-care), family (marriage, parenting, singleness), and finances (management of, fundraising, mindset) – all from a missionary perspective.



What you’ll learn from Marvin Slaton II:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Modern Day Missionaries Podcast
  • 0:46 Here We Go
  • 2:29 What Makes This Podcast Unique
  • 3:24 The 4 Things Missionaries Want to Know
  • 7:46 They Get Me! (We get you)
  • 8:40 Be Your Best, Give Your Best
  • 10:49 Our Secret Sauce
  • 11:16 How You Can Be a Part of Future Episodes
  • 12:45 Modern Day Missions

Transcript From the Episode