When Obey Feels Like a Four-Letter Word with Jonathan & Amanda Vining (Encore Episode)

Jun 20, 2024


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Obedience. Why do we sometimes have a visceral reaction to that word? Or maybe you don’t struggle with obedience and find it easy to follow God, but your struggle is discerning if something is his voice or not? Or have you ever noticed that obeying God in the small things can be even harder than obeying him in the big things?

In this episode, we are joined by Modern Day missionaries Jonathan and Amanda Vining for a refreshing and inspiring real talk on obedience.




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Transcript From the Episode

[00:00:37] Stephanie: Welcome to this episode of Modern Day Missionaries. I am so happy that we’ve got our friends, Jonathan and Amanda Vining with us today.

[00:00:45] Jonathan & Amanda: Hey, thanks for having us. Yeah, thanks for having us. This is a great opportunity.

[00:00:49] Stephanie: And you guys, we’ve gotten to know each other because fellow missionaries and you guys have been serving in Latin America now for six, seven years. Is that right?

[00:00:59] Jonathan & Amanda: Yeah, it’s a little, been over, a little, little over six years, I guess. Uh, in September it’ll be seven, right? Yep. September, it’ll be seven, 11 years.

We, we started in, uh, Costa Rica for language school. Uh, and then from there, we spent almost a year in Peru. Mm-hmm. And then for the last five years or so, we’ve been here in Medi, in Colombia.

[00:01:21] Stephanie: Wow. And I love your guys’ story. We’ve had a chance to talk a little bit about what that journey has looked like going from place to place and making shifts within that, and what’s really stood out to me listening to your guys’ story is obedience. I mean, that seems to be a major theme in your lives.

[00:01:37] Jonathan & Amanda: 100%. Yeah. I don’t see any other way to live really for us at this point, because it’s. I mean, when you make that jump right to, to decide to be a missionary or to, to leave the country you were born in and go somewhere else, it’s such a big decision. Uh, so you better hope that God had told you to do it, you know, and you need to obey that calling, right?

So that’s kind of what we’ve been doing, and that’s a little bit why we’ve moved around a bit, because the Lord tells us to do different things and we just kind of follow and obey, and he gives us the faith to do it.

[00:02:11] Stephanie: Yeah, you don’t end up in missions unless you get pretty good at some type of obedience. It’s a, it’s a pretty big Yes. It’s really interesting when I think about obedience, sometimes for me—I don’t know about for you guys—it can almost be easier to obey in the really big, dramatic things than in the small things.

Like I’ll talk to people and they’ll be like, whoa, how did you make that move? Or, how did you do that? And somehow it can almost feel simpler, like, God, I’ll move wherever you want me to go, but then he’ll ask you to do these really small steps of obedience,

[00:02:45] Jonathan & Amanda: Go up and talk to that stranger on the street. I’m like, oh no, I dunno about that guy. Did I hear you right?

[00:02:51] Stephanie: Right. And you feel like, I am this missionary. I should be a super obeyer, I should be amazing at all kinds of obedience. But there’s, as we talk about obedience today, there’s, there’s big stuff, there’s little stuff, and I think it’s one of those areas where we can always keep getting. Better for you guys.

So when people are, are listening to the word obedience, sometimes it almost can have a negative connotation. We think back to when we’re kids and you’re like, obey your teachers, obey your parents. And as a kid you don’t necessarily love hearing that word. And then you realize the freedom that comes with it as you get older.

But what has it been like for you guys to find joy in obedience?

[00:03:31] Jonathan & Amanda: Yeah, I think especially like stepping out and becoming missionaries, it isn’t easy. You know, I, some people have, you know, decided since they were kids, you know, I’m gonna be a missionary, and they have that joy and that preparation, right? But then I would say a lot of people, maybe most necessarily don’t grow up that way, and they get this calling outta nowhere and you’re like, okay, be a missionary.

Oh, that sounds fun, right? But then you. Oh, wait a second. I gotta learn a new language. I gotta leave my family, you know, I need to raise support. I need to do all this stuff, you know, l you know, learn to live in a new culture. And it seems almost impossible. But I think that’s, comes with obedience, is taking those steps.

It’s, it’s not a big, it is a big leap, right? Cuz you’re making that decision. But it’s a step-by-step process, a step-by-step. Of praying through it and raising, you know, the, raising the support, the taking the steps to sell your stuff in the states to, to get into a language school. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s a, it’s a big process, but it’s a step-by-step process, right.

So, yeah, and I think really it’s a daily thing, right? It’s every day, every day in the little things like, are we obeying what he says in his word? Are we doing what it says in there? You know, do we, are we doing that daily? We’re putting those steps in daily. It’s not just one big decision. Now listen, that’s the hard part, right?

The big, like, sometimes it’s the, it’s the big decisions that are the hard part. I mean, I think, you know, you always think back to, uh, to Jonah, right? And not obeying God. And, and what happened? And then, and then what happened after that. And the blessing and, and all the things and, and, uh, I remember. You know when, when we decided to become missionaries and uh, and then, you know, we did all the preparation and the Lord is like, I was really listening to the Lord.

I was like, cuz I’m lost. Right? I, I have no idea what I’m doing. Uh, and I just like, I was like, man, I think I might have wasted half my life not, not following the call of Jesus. You know, that was a serious like thing I felt. Right. Um, but it’s not. It is not always that, right? It’s not always, Hey, you’ve wasted half your life because you disobeyed God.

Right? I think it’s more like, Hey, we gotta take these daily steps. Daily steps to obey what he says, and that’s kind of what you have to do to even get to the big steps. Mm-hmm.

[00:06:07] Stephanie: I love that you brought up the story of Jonah. He’s such a classic example. Have you guys ever had a moment like that? Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s get real here. Ever had a moment where God asked you to do something big or little—I’ll let you guys decide, and you were like, no, no, I’m not going to do that! And then he got a hold of you and you’re like, fine, I will do that.

[00:06:30] Jonathan & Amanda: I mean, we have gone through our own journeys. I think one particular story, um, that comes to mind is we had, we actually had left…we were in Peru. We were in Peru. Right. And God had kind of closed the doors in that area and that was the mission. The mission was Peru. That was where we were supposed to be, you know?

And God start, he closed the doors just left and right and Peru. And so he was starting to call us to Colombia and that was like, God, how can you close the doors in this mission that we were supposed to be in? That’s where all our supporters think we’re going to be. That’s supposed to stay. And you started closing the doors in that area?

Yeah, and like, it was like super hard for me, right? Because I don’t, like, it takes me a while to adjust. It’s just, I’m a, I’m a feet-dragger kind of person. Like, we had just set up our home in, in Peru. We bought everything. We had a car, you know, we, we had everything we needed in Peru and the Lord’s like, Nope. Uh, that what you were called here to do isn’t a possibility anymore. Mm-hmm.

And immediate, almost immediately, right? He started opening up doors for Medellin. Like, yeah, we got to take, Amanda got to take a trip. Like we met missionaries from there and Amanda got to take a trip out there to, to meet them. And then I got to take a trip out there with another group to see what it would be like in Medellin. And it was clear. It was clear. It was clear. And I was still like, like I got back on the trip and I’m like, Lord, I don’t. Like, is this really something? And the doors are like wide open for us. It’s just like, Lord, I don’t know.

You know, I just, we gotta find something here in Lima. There’s plenty of opportunities in Lima. Why do you wanna move countries? This will be the, you know, I can’t do it. I just can’t. And we have kids. We have got kids. Yeah. And the kids have transitioned from Costa Rica doing language school and then we went to Peru.

They were in a great school and they had friends and they were starting to, they were starting to adjust. So those, these things like coming against what the Lord was calling us to do, and it’s like, Lord, I don’t. I don’t know. I just don’t know. I, it’s not clear. It’s not clear. You’re gonna have to be clear with me.

And then I, like, I’m praying. I’m praying, and then one morning I’m actually in the shower talking to Lord. And sometimes I do that, you know, and I’m like, Lord, if this is something, you know, and this is after all these doors have been opened, right? And I’m still, still not, you know, I’m still dragging my feet.

And he is like, and I’m like, Lord, if this is something we want us to do, if we’re supposed to move to like, I’m like, You’re gonna have to make it so clear. And he said that I hit like it, you know, and the voice is like, and the Lord’s like, Well, haven’t I already made it clear? And I’m like, Ooh.

[00:09:17] Stephanie: Wow.

[00:09:20] Jonathan & Amanda: uh, and at that point, what, in three months we probably moved here.

Oh. It was faster than that. Than that. It was like a month. And it was funny cuz I remember cuz. I was more, I’m always, I would say more like apt for the adventure, you know? And let’s, let’s do this. God’s calling us. Let’s go. Right? And he is, he drags his feet a little bit more. And I remember him being like, I remember him telling me, he like came out, he’s like, you know, well this is what the Lord just told me.

And I was like, all right. You know, let’s do this. So,

[00:09:49] Stephanie: You knew if Jonathan said it like this was real.

[00:09:53] Jonathan & Amanda: I mean, I was ready, but I was waiting for him. It’s true.

[00:09:58] Stephanie: Okay. I love that story because I feel like what you guys brought up happens all the time when you follow the Lord, and I’ve heard it in so many missionary stories where God will call you to a place or he’ll send you somewhere and you go and you obey, and then it turns into something else. I mean that’s happened for us.

I know in, in our story on multiple occasions, I know a lot of other people who’ve been through that too, where they’re like, but Lord, you told me to go here, but now it’s this, and it’s really interesting just noticing how the Lord works. I think sometimes he can’t show us two steps ahead. He knows it’s a little too much for us, so he is like, I’m just gonna show you one step ahead.

And that’s kind of the stepping stone to get you into. I actually want you to be, and he does things in those seasons, so it’s not like that’s this, uh, only a transitionary season. He does usually really deep things because those seasons, although stepping stone seasons are often confusing, frustrating, disorienting.

And we kind of hit walls sometimes just going, Lord, what is that? And those are the times where we really dig in deep and he kind of prepares us then for what that next step is. So I know when I found out that that happens to other people too, back when this happened to us for the first time, I was like, oh my gosh, we’re not the only one.

Could you, you do ask yourself in those seasons, like, did I hear you wrong? Because I felt like you were really clear. We were supposed to take this step and now nothing’s working. Doors are closing and God’s like, just, just hang on a minute. Hang on a minute.A term that I’ve used in those seasons is holy blindness.

He just can’t tell us yet. He’s like, you’re not ready. You’re not ready for what’s next. So I’m just gonna show you a little step and then we’ll get to that next one when we get there.

[00:11:43] Jonathan & Amanda: Yeah, that’s so true. I remember like when we were going through the process, it, it is like, so. Like he’s preparing us, right? It’s always preparation. Preparation for the next. You know, he takes us from glory to glory, right? So he doesn’t always talk about the stuff in between. So when you’re, he’s preparing you, right?

He’s preparing you for the next thing. He’s preparing, he’s always preparing you for the next thing. And when you get these little steps of obedience, you know, then you’re ready for the big, the big steps to take the, to take the big steps. And I remember when we were going through this, I called my brother and uh, Like, yeah.

I was like, I think the Lord’s telling us to move to Meine. I’m like, what do you think? He’s like, yeah, the Lord told me that already. He’s like, but I needed to let you figure that.

[00:12:29] Stephanie: Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. In his wisdom, he knew he shouldn’t tell you.

[00:12:36] Jonathan & Amanda: it was mm-hmm. And, and Peru itself was, A season of preparation. I mean, you know, some might say, well, where was the fruit in in Peru? Like, what did you do? And this and that. But like, the fruit was in our family. Like we were, we went to the fire in Peru. Like it was so difficult. We felt just alone isolated.

Our Spanish was not good. Like, and so community is so important for me. I’m, I’m an extrovert, he’s an introvert. He was, he’s totally fine just hanging out at home. But I gotta, I need people, like, I need people. So, I’m trying to like build these relationships, but it’s so hard when you don’t, you know, have the language down and but that season in itself was preparation for us because God took me away from people because my identity was really in relationships with people and being an extrovert and hanging out with people and all that stuff.

He took that away from me so that I could completely rely on him. And it was hard. It was so hard. And I went through a season of depression in Peru and it was difficult. But I came out of that season so much stronger and my identity’s so much more firm in him as my, as my best friend, as my father, you know?

And our family too. Our family just instead of us, like, you know, praise the Lord. You know? By his grace, he united us as a family, like our children. You know, Jonathan and I like our relationship. Our marriage just grew so much closer together. Because we were all that we had. Even though, and by God’s grace as we were seeking him through the difficulties, he just united us as a family and prepared, prepared us for the, for the next season.

You know, that wasn’t something that we necessarily saw right away, but we see now. That’s what happens, like when you obey. Right? So that’s the other side of it. Yeah. You know.

[00:14:30] Stephanie: So each season we’re in really is a season simultaneously of being present where we’re at, doing what we’re called to do, and also preparation. No season is pure preparation or pure about what it is right now. It’s, it’s always a both and it’s, yes, what are you doing right now, God, and how is this gonna prepare me for what’s next?

And just getting curious in those seasons and going, okay, what are you up to, Lord? I’m gonna obey. Can you tell me a little bit? He doesn’t always, like you guys said, especially those really difficult obedience seasons, he often shows you later on, so you have to wait and that’s always so fun.

[00:15:11] Jonathan & Amanda: But the next time, right, the next time that that decision comes or the next time you face something similar, you’re prepared. Yeah, you’re ready. You’d be like, well, this is how we handled it before. This is what God did before, so why would he not do it again? Yeah.

[00:15:24] Stephanie: You are exactly right. That is the beauty of obedience. The more you do it, the more you realize God can be trusted. And then, do you guys ever feel like life gets cyclical? Like sometimes you’ll be in a season and it will remind you of a season from like a decade ago and you’re like, haven’t I done something like this before? It’s interesting with life and then I’m like, how did we handle this last time and how could we handle it better this time?

[00:15:50] Jonathan & Amanda: Absolutely happens all the time. All the time.

[00:15:54] Stephanie: Especially the older you get, you’re like, dejavu, deja vu. Yeah, and, but not everybody grows in those deja vu seasons. I mean, sometimes you don’t learn to obey. Just do it all over again. Just keep messing up and messing up and messing up. But if you can, if you can learn to follow God. Man, it’s like, all right, I’m gonna trust you again.

Let’s do this. Lord. It’s not comfortable. I don’t like it, but I know what to do.

[00:16:16] Jonathan & Amanda: So then, so that reminds me, so then we get to Colombia, right? And so I’m, I’m guessing everybody thinks that it was, you know, roses and daisies, right? No, We got to Colombia and we, we, we started partnering with other missionaries in a, in a foundation for children. And literally like when we arrived a month later, they decided that they were gonna kind of separate and start their own foundation and which was separate, kind of like separate from this other, this church that had a foundation.

So a church had a foundation and they were partnering with them, but they wanna start their own thing. And we were like, oh, this sounds so exciting. You know what, what’s gonna, what’s gonna happen? It ended up being a huge mess. It was a mess. It was a mess. And it, the, the long story short is that, um, Jonathan, God called Jonathan, I did two different things.

He called Jonathan to go work with this couple. In their foundation. He called me to stay in the other foundation and kind of walk through with the employees, just the challenges through the transition and all that. And that’s where he was calling me and I was like, okay, God, this is a little strange, but I’m gonna do it, you know, cuz I feel like this is what you’re calling me to.

And in the end they asked me to leave that foundation. Because there was, I don’t know how you would explain it. Almost like conflict of interest. I don’t really know. But the long story short is God called me to this foundation and then I was forced to leave and I was like, God, what is going You And it, there was so much heard you to why am I leaving?

Yeah. And it was, it was another season of grief. And I just had gotten out of a season of grief and I’m just like, God, what are you trying to teach me? What are you trying to teach us through this? But he always teaching us something. He, in that I was supposed to be there, I was supposed to walk these, walk them through this transition.

Even though I had to leave, that time that I was there was so beneficial. For them because they needed, because for them to see that there was a, a stable person in there. And, really, my ministry in that moment was just to, I would make cookies for them. I would pray for them, like these employees that were going through very difficult transition. And we would go out and, and just like, I would just love on them. I was just loving on these employees. And that was that season, right? And then that season was over.

And I think a lot of obedience comes. You not holding on so tightly to the things or to the, to the moments, to the ministries, to the churches so tightly because you love them so much, but just you have to keep your hands almost like, you know, half open like I am here and this is where I’m supposed to be, but you’re always leaving room for God to enter and, you know, decide what he wants you to do.

And so I think that’s a lot of missions in general. Well, how do you, okay, so let me [Jonathan] ask [Amanda] a question.

[00:19:32] Stephanie: Go for it.

[00:19:34] Jonathan & Amanda: So the second time, now that you have to, that you have now gone through like loss and transition. Mm-hmm. How did it go compared to the first time?

It wasn’t as hard. I mean, it was still difficult, but it wasn’t as difficult. Yeah. I mean, I noticed that right away. Mm-hmm. Like when we were going through it and I’m like, wow, we kind of been through this before and the Lord was faithful, so, He’s got plans. Yeah.

[00:19:58] Stephanie: Absolutely. It’s kinda like when you’ve been through grief multiple times. Each time it hurts cuz you’re losing a different person.

[00:20:04] Jonathan & Amanda: Right. But you at least understand the process of grieving. So it doesn’t mean, let’s say that you’re administer and you get back stabbed by somebody. Cuz let’s be real. That happens a lot.

[00:20:15] Stephanie: It still hurts every single time, but after a few times, if you don’t let yourself get jaded and you still stay sensitive, you’re like, all right. This hurts, but I get what’s happening and Lord, I believe that you will heal my heart in this way. And so when we’ve gone through it multiple times, yeah, we we’re like, all right, Lord, I think I, I understand a little bit of the steps that I should take.

And we just keep learning and we just keep getting better. And I love one of the things that you were saying, Amanda, it made me think, um, the fruit of obedience is not always outward success. There is this, I think this lie we tell ourselves sometimes. Cause if we, if we see it on paper, we would know it’s not true.

But I think deep inside us, we feel like if I obey the Lord, it’s going to lead to success because he’s asking me to do this. How could it lead to anything else? And we define success. We’ve talked about this on the, on the podcast before. We define success sometimes by how the world views it. So we can take these steps of obedience and then feel like this entitlement like, Lord, I did what you asked me to do.

Why am I not seeing fruit? Cuz again, what kind of fruit are we looking for? But to your point, God was absolutely producing fruit, but it was internally in preparation for what was.

[00:21:35] Jonathan & Amanda: I mean, it was successful there. You know it’s gonna be successful, but it’s not always the way that you think it’s gonna be successful. A lot of times it’s, it’s, you know, it doesn’t always pan out the way you want. Usually it’s because there’s something inside of you that has changed that that needs to change or that the Lord needs to root out or.

Something like that so that you can move forward.

[00:21:58] Stephanie: Saying yes to him and letting him figure out what the results are gonna be.

[00:22:02] Jonathan & Amanda: And the perseverance through the obedience. And I think that that’s the longevity and missions, to be honest, is persevering through the challenges of being obedient. It’s not a fast thing. Most of, I mean, our experience is never fast. You know, the obedience, no. We’ll just rip the bandaid off. It’ll be fine tomorrow.

Yeah. No, it’s always months and months and months of, of, you know, being in a ministry and then maybe it changes and then you have to transition to another ministry and it’s difficult and all that. All those things. And it’s persevering through the challenges of obedience. Is for me, I think is, is very important in missions and it is what helps keep you on stable ground as a missionary.

[00:22:48] Stephanie: You are absolutely right. I think sometimes we think of obedience, like a checklist and we say yes, and we feel like it should be this one thing, but every step of obedience, especially some of these big ones, It includes a thousand other tiny acts of obedience that come along with it. So yes, we’re gonna move to Medellin because we said yes to Medellin.

We’re saying yes to this and this and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, and this. And it’s constant. It’s never ending. So it’s a process. You get to get to live on, out and keep trusting God in all the moments. And, and the perseverance is so huge cuz how many people have said yes to God in big.

And then when they didn’t start seeing the success or they didn’t start seeing what they thought they were gonna see, they’re like, peace out, I’m done. I must have heard God wrong. Or I’m angry cuz this is not what I thought. So it’s, I think so many times, even more than being about those big ones, it’s about those little ones.

So for you guys, thinking about those small steps of obedience, what are some of the hardest things God has asked or sometimes still is asking you guys to do?

[00:23:57] Jonathan & Amanda: One of, one of the most challenging things for us, well for me was, uh, during the pandemic. We were here in Colombia and I mean, you guys were in Peru, right? Like in Latin America, you know, we were forced to stay inside our house. Our kids couldn’t go out and play in the grass like, and we don’t have a backyard, like we don’t have anything like that.

So the kids were literally in the house all the time and. I mean, social media has its perks and it’s, you know, it’s downfalls. But when you’re a missionary in a, in a Latin American country and you are looking at your friends in the States and their, their kids are outside playing, I mean, to be honest, I, I was like, we gotta get outta here.

We gotta go back to the States. Like, cuz at least our kids can go outside, you know? And ministry wise, you know, the, the foundations were closed down. And at that time God had transition transitioned to us to, it was like the proc we’re in the middle of, it’s the process of, of working more full-time with the church.

And so we ended up staying, we did not feel like God was telling us to go back to the States. We felt like he was saying be obedient and stay. And that was really a challenge. It was a challenge, you know, with the kids it was challenging cause we were watching, I would say most of our missionary friends in other countries go back to the States and we were like, we’re still here. Are we supposed to go back? Like some of them had choices to go back. Some of ’em didn’t have choices. Some of the missions agencies like, you need to get back here. You know, because nobody knew what was going on at the time.

It was such an unknown thing, right? And so we just felt the Lord say no, stay.

And we’re like, okay. And so what? What God, what happened was our pastor, he came to us and he said, I wanna start feeding people. There’s starving people every. You know, a lot of people, I would say most people in Latin America countries, like what they make for that day is what they feed their families with for that day.

There’s so much poverty and people couldn’t even beg in the streets. Like it just was, you know, so they weren’t allowed to work. They were allowed to leave the house. And you know, there’s more, you know, in Latin America there’s more jobs where you actually have to leave your house.

Right? You know, you can’t just work from home. A lot of people just couldn’t do that. Right. At that time. And so he said, you know, I wanna start feeding people and God just put it, he put on my heart to really just kind of reach out to donors, reach out to, to people. And I was like, I don’t know how this is gonna go.

We might just get a few dollars, but it’s whatever. I’m just gonna put it out there. And, but God was super clear, like, let’s reach out to people, you know, to donors in the States and see and see what happens. And the. I actually have goosebumps thinking about, it was crazy. Like I just put, you know, I think it was $10 a day, feeds a family for a week.

And I just put it out there like in social media and like in our newsletters. And people shared it and shared it and shared it and shared it and I was just like it. And it was such a cool thing. God was like, he told me what to do. We were obedient. We stayed in Colombia. And I also, you know, but it was hard.

It’s like, I wanna go live and stay at my parents’ house. I got a huge backyard. You know, you’re allowed to actually leave your house in the United States and you know, you don’t have helicopters flying around telling you to stay inside, you know?

[00:27:21] Stephanie: Right. People don’t realize that’s what it was in Latin America. Helicopters and bullhorns. “Don’t leave your house!”

[00:27:27] Jonathan & Amanda: What’s gonna happen if I leave? What is that? The helicopter screaming things happened.

[00:27:34] Stephanie: Wasn’t that surreal?That was such a surreal experience for anybody listening in Latin America who went through that.

[00:27:40] Jonathan & Amanda: And that’s like, that was the hard, like it was, the hard thing to do was stay here. I mean, we could have gone back, but, but the fruit was nuts. Like the fruit of it. We had $10,000. No, probably $20,000 come in for this, for this feeding. We ended up feeding how many thousands and thousands and thousands of families.

Thousands of families. It was incredible. And that was because we stayed, you know, and we were, we were there buying food in the grocery stores with our masks and, and you know, and this and that. We were part of that and, and we were, we were able to hand out food to some families and this and that, and it just so cool because so many families came to Christ just through the physical element of food, right.

They were so needing, they were so hungry. There was just such an amazing tool, evangelistic tool, right.

[00:28:34] Stephanie: That’s awesome, and I love that you brought up a really big one and a really little one that kind of went together. The big one was stay, which stay doesn’t sound like a big step of obedience, but for those of us in there, you know, there at that time, that was a huge step of obedience. Stay was huge. And then this little one like, Hey, do a post on social media.

All right, I’ll throw it up there and see what happens. And the combination of those two produced something you guys had never even seen happen before. How cool is that?

[00:29:01] Jonathan & Amanda: It was amazing.

[00:29:03] Stephanie: I’m hoping that as people are listening, it’s causing them to just think, all right, God, what are some of the ways in which you’re calling me to take some risks and do some really big things, and then what are the ways that I can be faithful where I’m at?

And to keep obeying in areas where we, where, where I wanna give up on or where I’m feeling like Jonah or where I’m wanting to reinterpret what God says. That’s one of my other favorites. When God gives you a direction and you pull like a King Saul and you’re like, I know you told me seven days I should wait to, um, do an offering, but I really feel like now is a good time, so I’m not gonna wait for Samuel.

So I’m gonna do that now. Cause I feel like I just wanna honor you. God, you we’ll use all of these reasons to justify sometimes why we want to do something.

[00:29:46] Jonathan & Amanda: I’m doing! I mean, I’m sacrificing stuff for you, [God}. It’s not like it’s a bad thing!

[00:29:51] Stephanie: Totally. And we’ll do that. Sometimes we’ll take these instruction that God gives us and because we don’t quite like it and we feel like we maybe have a better way of doing it, we’ll like sort of obey and he’s like, you missed the point entirely. There’s so many little things like that in our life and so this is even just causing me to think and I’m hoping with everybody else that’s causing them to think, Lord, what is one way that I can step into obedience with you today?

And maybe it is something big like we said, and maybe, maybe it’s something. sometimes those small ones are the ones that can really open up huge things in our life. So, uh, I loved your guys’ stories.

Thank you so much for sharing those and, and sharing a little bit of inspiration with everybody today. As always, it is so fun to hang out with them both for you.

[00:30:35] Jonathan & Amanda: Yeah, we love hanging out with you. It’s so much fun. We laugh a lot.

[00:30:39] Stephanie: Always, always, we said we should have recorded the part before we started recording. It was, was. Yes it was. It was nonsense and hilarious and I loved it. So if people wanna get ahold of you guys and get to know you guys, Jonathan and Amanda are Modern Day missionaries, so you can pop right on Modern Day dot org and you can find them right there to find out more about what they are doing with their work in Medellin.

So thanks for joining us today on this episode, and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.